Tornado Rips Through Fergus

Tornado Confirmed

"We've confirmed at this location a Fujita scale F2 tornado occurred, with winds between 180 to 240 kilometres an hour," said Environment Canada meteorologist Geoff Coulson. "That's confirmed with the damage that we've witnessed."

Damaged shed and trees after tornados of August 19, 2005

Links to more TV and newspaper reports

Many people may turn to this website for news and information about the tornado that hit Fergus, Ontario on Friday August 19, 2005.

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Since we are not a newspaper we will not be providing our own report on the situation. Instead, we have gathered a selection of reports from other sources: newspapers and TV channels.

Picture of uprooted trees from the tornado
You can still see many uprooted trees in Fergus.

TV coverage, including eyewitness reports of local residents (all links open in a new window)

  • CTV News: [ longer available]
    With several video feeds. Recommended movie files:
    • "Denelle Balfour on the aftermath"
      - where the tornado is still being referred to as "at least one funnel cloud with tornado-force winds" (shortly after it happened)
    • "Michael Melling on the tornado aftermath"
      - a little later
  • CH News: [no longer available]
    ("It's a scene I've never seen before...")
    NOTE: This movie requires the latest version of the Real Audio plug-in. Download instructions can be found on the CH News page itself.
  • Stormchaser

Written articles on the twister:

No longer available, or turned into paid articles:
  • London Free Press: Region begins storm cleanup [turned into a paid article now]
  • The National Post: Storms ravage southern Ontario (with the beforementioned video from CH News) [link no longer available April 2006]

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More local news

January 2006: The Wellington Advertiser still has some coverage on its website about the tornado that hit Centre Wellington in 2005. Just search the site for "tornado" and you will receive many articles on the subject. More on (link opens a new window) .

The Fergus Elora News Express does not seem to keep an online archive of articles.

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