Saint Andrew Street - Looking West

These four pictures represent the view of St. Andrew St. looking west from St. David Street over about 100 years.  The picture on the left is undated, but given the growth of the tree on the south-west corner it was probably taken about 1900. St. Andrew Street is the main business street in Fergus and is the site of many older buildings.

St. Andrew St. Saint Andrew Street West / David Street
St. Andrew St -- undated
Courtesy: Pat Mestern
St. Andrew St. - c. 1910
Courtesy: Wellington County Museum and Archives ph14109
St. Andrew Street West / Hwy 6 St. Andrew St. W. / David St. (Highway 6)
St. Andrew St. - c. 1930
Courtesy: Wellington County Museum and Archives ph14105
St. Andrew St.  -- 2000

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