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Fergus, Ontario

Fergus, Ontario. A historic town with strong Scottish roots. Visit the largest Highland Games festival outside of Scotland.

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About Fergus
   Little Falls
      Two Centuries
      St. Andrew Street
      Commercial Buildings
      Old Churches
      Templin Carriage Works
      Old Mill
      Fergus Online
   Fergus Elora News Express
   Wellington Advertiser
   Groves Memorial Community Hospital (GMCH)
   Real Estate
   High School and Other Education
     School Bus Cancellations / School Closures
   Fergus Tornado of August 19, 2005
   Map of Fergus

Events & Attractions
   In Fergus
     Fergus Market / Marketplace
     Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games
     Fergus Truck Show
   Around Fergus
     Belwood Lake Conservation Area
     Elora, Ontario
     Elora Festival
     Elora Gorge Conservation Area (incl. Quarry)
     Fly Fishing
     Grand River Raceway (casino/slots)(Elora)
     Wellington County Museum & Public Library
   Within Driving Distance
   Calendar of Events
      Links To Ontario Events
      Bed & Breakfast (B & B)

   local pictures
   local videos

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