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Fergus, Elora and Belwood

If you are planning a stay in Fergus, Elora or Belwood (Centre Wellington), or another city/town in the area, such as Guelph, Kitchener Waterloo or Toronto: we can suggest these links for Accommodations:

Fergus... a town for you

Grand River Country

Centre Wellington (Fergus, Elora, Belwood) is a great place to live and work in, or just visit. Prepare yourself for a Grand Experience!

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There is plenty to see or do in Grand River Country, which is also part of Festival Country:

Attractions and Events:

In Fergus, Ontario

Around Fergus

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More tourism related organizations and businesses in Centre Wellington (Fergus, Elora, Belwood, Salem) can be found in our business directory ("tourism" section).

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