The Village of Elora Ontario

Ontario's Beautiful Village

We are not just saying that because we live and work in Centre Wellington. Elora is recognized by tourists and movie makers alike. The rocky natural surroundings of the famous Elora Gorge and Quarry have been used as scenic backdrop for many Hollywood movies.

Elora Quarry

About The Village of Elora, Ontario

Elora is a highly cultural community. Its Annual Elora Festival is renowned for its music and theater. The Annual Elora Festival Book Sale attracts book lovers from all over Canada and the USA. The Elora Centre of The Arts fosters the creative community, and provides training and studio space to local artists.

Elora has amalgamated into the Township of Centre Wellington. Contact Centre Wellington Township: website or (519) 846-9691

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Visit the downtown area with its unique gift shops and boutiques, often featuring unique work from local artists. Many of these picturesque stores are housed in century-old buildings. The Elora Mews shops on Mill Street are just steps from the Gorge and the Mill. The lantern-lit courtyard, limestone walls and very unique stores are not to be missed.

The Elora Gorge Cinema is just around the corner.

Upcoming Events

And let's not forget the wide variety of fine restaurants, such as the Elora Mill Inn - with the gorgeous view on the wild Grand River at the "Tooth Of Time".

Fly Fishing Trip


The Grand River also has quite the reputation as a great place for fly fishing, which is one of the reasons why we hosted the 2006 Canadian Fly Fishing Championships.

Elora and Fergus, with plenty of quaint Bed & Breakfasts, is a great destination for your fly fishing trip!


More tourism related organizations and businesses in Centre Wellington (Fergus, Elora, Belwood, Salem) can be found in our business directory ("tourism" section). We can also recommend our local Calendar of Events or an overview of events in our surrounding area.

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