Update On Chamber Forum

Have you visited the Chamber’s online forum yet? If you don’t know exactly what a “forum” is exactly you should take a look at forum.cwchamber.ca.

Let me walk you through the Chamber forum:

On the first page you will see the first Discussion: “Chamber communications”; a Discussion is basically a category. Currently there are two Discussions: “Chamber communications” and “Retail”. You can add new topics to these existing Discussions, or create a new one.

This first Discussion “Chamber communications” holds one topic, called “Feedback about the Minding Our Business magazine?” This question has not received any replies yet – maybe you have something to say about this wonderful local publication?

At the top of this first page you see a link “Login or Register”. Logging in is not necessary for reading the forum posts, but it is required for replying to a post, or starting a new topic. After completing the Registration fields you will receive an email with your login information.

The other hyperlinks on the first page of the forum are:

  • Add a new discussion
  • Open a new category for your new topic; you will need to be logged in to do this.
  • Add a new topic
  • Start a new conversation with your question or observation; the Discussion has already been prefilled into the form; again: you need to be logged in to start a new topic.
  • Other discussions – Discussion: Retail (view all).

Here you can read other Discussions (categories); right now the forum only has one other Discussion: Retail. Retail has several Topics in it, though. Click “view all” to read them.

When clicking the “view all” link you will land on the “Discussion: Retail” page. This category currently has 2 topics in it: “Buy local?” and “Selling Online”. Go check out what other local business owners have written – and add your two cents! As you can see the forum can still use more active participants and posts, but even if you do not want to participate you should at least check out the questions, answers and advice given by other business people. There are a lot of experts in our small area, in many different disciplines. This is another way to find someone who knows what (s)he is talking about, or even better: present yourself as an expert in your field to the visitors of this forum. You can link to your forum posts from your own blog or Tweet about it on Twitter, to show your prospects that you care.

I would like to stress that you do NOT have to be a Chamber member to participate in the forum. We are the Champion of local business and built this tool for you – the local business community at large. We hope that you like it, and use it a lot.

I hope to meet you at forum.cwchamber.ca!

For more information: contact your Webmaster, or contact Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce Director Nardo Kuitert at nardo@ferguswebsites.com or 519-787-7612.

P.S. We are still tweaking the forum, so I hope that by the time you visit it the site still looks the same as I described it. This is why I suggest you take a look at it right now!


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