The House of Brougham Furniture

Since I launched this website back in 2004 I have had many inquiries from website visitors.

Every now and then I’ll receive a phone call from someone wanting to place an ad in The Wellington Advertiser, or someone who wants to know when the Elora Quarry will be open for swimming again. And I will direct them to The Wellington Advertiser‘s and Grand River Conservation Authority‘s websites.

House of Brougham Chest

The “House of Brougham” label on the House of Brougham chest from Fergus

Other inquiries come by email. One particular topic (“The House of Brougham Furniture”) has been asked about twice this year, so I though I’d devote a blog post to it.

The House of Brougham Chest

Jeff Horne and his wife Marilyn had bought a chest made by The House of Brougham Furniture from Fergus. After his wife passed away Jeff took up woodworking in his retirement years. He often got requests to build similar items to the “House of Brougham” chest, so it has been a source of inspiration to build furniture of quality to him – and he would like to learn more about these furniture makers.

I answered that we are (only) a web development firm, but that I would try to find an answer for him nonetheless.

It seems that The House of Brougham was a furniture manufacturer that operated out of Brougham and Fergus, Ontario, in the 1970s.  In Fergus, the company was located in an old stone building off St. David Street near St. Andrew Street. I believe this would have been in the old stone building directly behind the Brew House building: the former Tweddle Chick Hatchery.

It also looks like the company also had a branch (possibly headquarters?) in Brougham, Ontario, which is part of Ajax/Pickering. I assume that’s where the company got its name from.

Do you know about The House of Brougham furniture manufacturer? Or  the Tweddle Chick Hatchery? Do you have old photos of these two buildings that we can publish on this website? Send me a quick email.

For more information, contact Elysia DeLaurentis (, Archives Assistant at the Wellington County Museum and Archives (

You can see some of Jeff Horne’s handcrafted wooden furniture on his website.

House of Brougham Chest

The “House of Brougham” chest from Fergus

House of Brougham Chest

The “House of Brougham” chest from Fergus


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