The Chamber Website Has A New Forum

Have a Question? Or an Answer?
Want to Voice Your Opinion?

The Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce has created an online forum for you. On this forum, you can ask business related questions, voice your opinion about business matters, or join existing discussions by sharing your insight.

Participation in the forum is free to everyone – not just Chamber members. The discussions can be viewed without having to log in, but you will have to register as a user (identify yourself) in order to actively start or join discussions. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with your login information and you can then create comments as you wish. The forum has moderators who will allow (or disallow) messages to be published.

What is allowed?

We do not want to be too strict. Strong opinions are appreciated as long as the language itself is decent. We do have to be strict about the topics though; they have to be business related. After all, we are talking about a forum on the website of the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

So go to the forum and start reading. Or better yet, sign up for a free account and join the discussion or start a new topic.

What can you contribute?

Well, maybe you have a tax-related question. Or, you are the one to answer this first person’s question. Perhaps you have something newsworthy to share – that is: relevant to the business community in Centre Wellington. You can share a solution for a problem that you used to have – maybe other readers are desperate for some help because they have the same type of problem. We started the forum so we can facilitate more two-way communication, between the Chamber and its members, amongst members themselves, and even as a way to reach out to future members. The Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce is the champion of business in Centre Wellington. This new forum is one of the tools we use to help you run a better business. So go to the chamber’s website at and use the new forum, and let us know what you think.

For more information: contact your Webmaster, or contact Nardo Kuitert at or 519-787-7612.


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