Lunar Eclipse in Ontario, Canada

A crisp night with a cloudless sky made for some pretty pictures. The lunar eclipse, where the earth passes between the sun and the moon, can be seen by the naked eye.

This February 20, 2008 lunar eclipse had excellent weather conditions, and apart from clouds moving in near the end of the eclipse, we could see all stages from our front door steps – and even from inside (much warmer! :o)

Here are some pictures from a lunar eclipse watch centre in Argentinia (although we saw it in reverse order, starting in the bottom left corner):

Lunar eclipse excerpt (as seen in Argentinia)

(a selection from the series below)

Evolution of the February 20, 2008 lunar eclipse

(the full series)

That orange-red hue you get is actually the reflected light off the earth.

Some earlier Lunar Eclipse movies from YouTube:–lPAi04&rel=1

More information:

  • Wikipedia’s page about the lunar eclipse
  • Explanations on the NASA website.
  • Some more pictures from the February 20 2008 lunar eclipse

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