December 31 2007: First Night 175

December 31, 2007 is the kick-off of Fergus’ 175th Anniversary celebrations.The tentative name “Freeze Fest” has been dropped in favour of “First Night” – because that’s what it is: the First night of a festive year. So come on out to the downtown area for an evening of FUN! And you can celebrate in several other areas that night as well: the Fergus library, Fergus Grand Theatre Lobby and Melville United Church are the ones that we know of right now.

The Centre Wellington Fire Department will have a pumper truck located next to the main stage. And there will be several stores who will open up their stores that night. Come on out, for a fun night on the town!

Family Style New Year’s Countdown 2007/2008
Downtown Fergus

Admission: FREE!

Various appearances throughout the night: Betsy Busybody. Catch the latest gossip from the past century.

Master of ceremonies: Gary Bryant.

07:00-08:00 p.m. (main stage) Children’s entertainer Sandy MacDonald (formerly of the Beirdo Brothers)

7:00-08:30 p.m. (Fergus library) Story Time for Children (you have to use the back entrance)

07:00-09:00 p.m. (downtown) Free horse drawn trolley rides for all ages – compliments of the Fergus Truck Show

07:00-09:00 p.m. (Fergus library) Free Hot Chocolate – compliments of the Fergus library

07:00-09:30 p.m. (Fergus Grand Theatre) Meet & Greet with Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and the Ginger Bread Man.

07:00-12:00 p.m. (Melville United Church) Hot beverages for tummies and toes

08:00-08:20 p.m. (main stage) English balladeer Michael Tyndale-Biscoe

08:25-08:40 p.m. (main stage) CW Idol Samantha Dickson

08:40-09:20 p.m. (main stage) Country rock band Moonshine
09:00 (main stage) New Year’s Celebrations for the kids! Celebrate New Year’s for the first time tonight!

09:30-09:50 p.m. (main stage) Centre Wellington District High School rock band The Unbreakable Clocks

09:50-10:20 p.m. (main stage) Michael Tyndale-Biscoe

10:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. (main stage) Non-stop rocking and dancing under the stars with Country rock band Moonshine
12:00 Midnight (main stage) Light Up The Night New Year’s Countdown! Join the pipes, drums, church bells – let’s all beat on the pots and pans!

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