Fergus 175 Plans

2008 marks the year of Fergus’ 175th Anniversary. A Fergus 175th Committee was started, chaired by Mary Lloyd, and its members have been working tirelessly on planning a great number of fun events.

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From its website [edit 2010:no longer around] we can read about a number of these plans. One event is coming up soon, as a special New Year’s Eve celebration will kick-off this festive year.

Other plans include a street festival and other festivities in the summer. The website mentions:

The big homecoming celebration of Fergus’s 175th will take place from June 28 through July 1, starting with a major summer street festival, A Doors Open tour of heritage buildings, a concert featuring local musicians and bands, and things to do for the whole family are being planned for four days of activities finishing with the annual Canada Day celebrations hosted by the township of Centre Wellington.

The 2008 Fergus Truck Show and 2008 Scottish Festival and Highland Games have agreed to include historic components in their festivals as part of the celebration. Other groups and organizations are encouraged to plan their own festivities; these can be promoted with the help of the Fergus 175th Committee.

For more information you can call 519-843-5140.

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