Don’t Be Penny-wise Pound-Foolish

Why do you have a website? Because you want to make more money, right? You want a positive return on your investment. So don’t make mistakes that may save you a little bit of money, but cost you incredible income potential.

Do I you want an example? This month I met a business owner who did not have a domain name for his website; his company promoted itself on www.somebody-else’ Apart from the fact that his business card is promoting somebody-else’s-domainname more than his own web page he is also seriously undermining how he is perceived by his potential clients. A web address like the one he has just doesn’t look very trustworthy. And trust is one of the most important intangibles in business: people want to do business with companies and people they trust. Make sure you earn it.

So what do people think about you, and your business? Prospective clients may reconsider doing business with you if something is not right. Maybe you have a web address that looks a little bit like the one mentioned above – get a properly hosted or instead! Or perhaps you use a hotmail email account, or you have an unprofessional looking website, or your promotional copy is littered with spelling mistakes and typos, or… need I go on?

You better do it right, or not do it at all…

I know that money doesn’t grow on trees. And you can only spend your money once. So why not make it the best money you ever spent – with the greatest return? Determine which promotional aspect of your business could have the biggest impact (a new or updated flyer, a brochure, your business card, an ad, a website?) and have some professionals work on it. Make sure that the end-result says “professional” and “trustworthy” – and you should see a great return on your investment.

For more information: contact your Webmaster, or contact Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce Director Nardo Kuitert at or 519-787-7612.

Nardo Kuitert

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