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Do You Want Your Website To Be Found In The Search Engines?

There are only 10 websites that fit on the first page of Google. If we are talking about normal search results, that is. So for most site owners it will be pretty important to be seen on the first page(s) of Google. As mentioned before, top spots are available in limited quantities, so what can […]

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Is Your Website Converting Into Sales? (2)

The title of last month’s column was “Is Your Website Converting Into Sales?” as well. Based on that heading you may have assumed that the article was about website statistics or analytics. It was not, but maybe I should still talk about it now. Because in order to answer the question [whether your website is […]

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Is Your Website Converting Into Sales?

More and more small businesses are getting a website, even the ones that primarily focus on a local market like Centre Wellington. But that does not mean that sales automatically go up. I say this a lot: “A website is not a magic bullet.” And something else that I say a often: “Your website has […]

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Don’t Be Penny-wise Pound-Foolish

Why do you have a website? Because you want to make more money, right? You want a positive return on your investment. So don’t make mistakes that may save you a little bit of money, but cost you incredible income potential. Do I you want an example? This month I met a business owner who […]

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Do Your Website Visitors “Get It” In 10 Seconds Or Less?

Internet users are notoriously impatient. With the whole world just a few clicks away people expect to find what they’re looking for fast, or they will just try the next site. The fact that reading on a computer screen is much slower and more tiring for the eyes don’t help either.”Will I stay or will […]

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