Big Rig Truck Pull At The Fergus Truck Show

Big rig trucks have many different uses. Obviously the most common is transporting goods across distances, making it more cost efficient. These trucks are gigantic, and harness an insane amount of power. You’re talking eighteen wheels and a diesel engine of pure power. Because of the large amount of miles these vehicles are expected to travel, the size and power is definitely needed. Freight brokers all across the country know this through and through!

However a trend has emerged over the course of a long time, involving big rig trucks in a more recreational sense. Because of the size and power mentioned above, these trucks are perfect for pulling!

Truck drivers use their intellect to improve the trucks, maximizing the towing power. When you tie two of these monsters to each other, and then send them in opposite directions, the end result is electrifying and powerful!

The noises of the trucks, the smells of the trucks, and the sheer power being ripped between the two cannot be replicated in any other sense. If you have never witnessed a big rig truck pull, I strongly encourage you to broaden your horizon with some good ole tough fun!

2007 Fergus Truck Show, big rig truck pull competition.

Short & sweet. These muscle trucks are all power!!

Nardo Kuitert

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