A NEW Fergus Market Downtown Fergus?

Today I read on his news page a link to this article on the Guelph Mercury’s website: “Fergus flea market may rise like the phoenix“.

What’s it about? Centre Wellington Councillor Walt Visser is chairing a citizen’s committee pursuing a private proposal for a new community market in a large, vacant downtown Fergus building. A new Fergus Market, perhaps this time in the Russell Building downtown Fergus, which has been vacant for 2 years now.

The idea is still in planning and the committee is looking for people’s feedback. At the bottom of the article people were ask to provide their comments to fergus.area.community.enterprise@gmail.com.

And so I did:

I read the article in the Guelph Mercury today, at the bottom of which you ask for comments on the proposal. As a local resident, business owner and owner/creator of the local information website FergusPages.com I would very much want to express my support for the idea to resurrect the Fergus Market in the Russell Building. And if that location were to fall through, perhaps the former Fergus Pool? (Although that location would probably be better for an outside pool…)
The heart of Fergus has a hole in it – has had it for a while now. Every downtown needs a baker, butcher, shoemaker… So it would be ideal if the market would be open all week, rather than just the weekends.
I certainly hope that your initiative will fly, and that we’ll see a thriving downtown core again with much less vacant storefronts.
– Nardo Kuitert
What are your comments?
I picked this news up from Facebook and CWConnects.
Nardo Kuitert


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