Victoria Day Fireworks Sale Centre Wellington Chamber Of Commerce

Once again the Chamber is selling fireworks for the May 2-4  weekend. Celebrate Victoria Day with cakes, fountains, sparklers, roman candles and more! And by buying locally at 400 Tower Street South you support your local Chamber.

Chamber Fireworks 2015 Chamber Fireworks 2015

Purchase your fireworks at 400 Tower Street South on any of these dates:

  • Monday May 11 to Thursday May 14          9 am to 5 pm
  • Friday May 15 and Saturday May 16           9am – 8pm
  • Sunday May 17                                            10am – 6pm
  • Monday May 18                                           10am – 6pm

On line orders will be available.

For more information, contact the Centre Wellington Chamber Of Commerce at 519-843-5140.

Dinner With Goebbels – Friday October 18 – A Play At CWDHS

I have been informed that due to unforeseen circumstances the play has been cancelled.

A dinner party for three: one man living and two deceased. Pull up a chair and be the fourth.

After two successful runs in Toronto, the play Dinner With Goebbels is coming to the drama room at Centre Wellington District High School. Playwright, psychiatrist and peace activist, Mark Leith imagines a dinner party for three, hosted by Karl Rove. Creator of the now endless War on Terror campaign, Rove was the public relations advisor to George W. Bush.


The guest of honour is Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud and inventor of the profession of Public Relations (P.R.), a more acceptable term than “propaganda”. Bernays is possibly best known for his orchestration under false pretences of the U.S. Invasion of Guatamala on behalf of his client, the United Fruit Co. of America to secure their banana plantations.

A third person, also a disciple of Edward Bernays, sits at the table. This is Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda who was able to rouse the German people to invade Europe and to support the “Final Solution”, the extermination of European Jews. Goebbels is a surprise guest invited by Bernays.

The stated reason for the dinner is for Rove to honour Bernays as the father of P.R. and to celebrate their achievements. Rove however, has another agenda in mind.

The play will be presented at CWDHS on Friday, October 18th. An afternoon performance will be exclusively for students. Prior to the event, the drama and social justice teachers will discuss the play with students. Some students will assist with technical aspects. There will be a Q and A session with the actors and director after each performance. The evening performance is open to the general public at 7:30 pm.

Ticket price is $20 at the door or from sponsors or $21 at For more information visit or call 519-787-0461.

Proceeds to Centre Wellington Food Bank.

Sponsoring agencies are:




“A Brief, Weak Tornado South of Fergus, Ontario” – Sunday, September 1, 2013

It seems that we had another tornado in Fergus, Ontario. According to The Weather Network it was “a brief, weak tornado south of Fergus, Ontario”. No tornado watches and warnings were issued by Environment Canada.

This YouTube video that it might have been on South River Road? Wouldn’t that make it Elora instead of Fergus? I don’t know…

YouTube Preview Image


Picture of a small tornado in Fergus (2013)
Small Tornado in Fergus, Ontario, Canada (September 1, 2013). Picture tweeted by Stormchaser Dave.

CTV News mentions that not one, but TWO tornadoes were confirmed in our region for that day – the other one being in Salem. According to the CTV update post no damages were reported. Escaped that one!

Fergus-Elora-Fergus Bus Schedule (Wed Thu Fri)

Unfortunately the bus service has been suspended indefinitely, and the stakeholders are reviewing the situation in search for a sustainable solution…

There is a new local bus service. It is a project by the Centre Wellington Social Justice Group and bus company Elliott Coach Lines, and started June 19th of this year. This bus service runs 3 times a day between Elora and Fergus, and back again, between 9:20 AM and 2:35 PM, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The fee is $2 per ride, and children under 5 years of age travel for free. Note: present the driver with the exact amount, as they are not equipped to give you change.

PDFs with the bus schedules can be found in several local places like the Post Office and Public Library, and we have also posted a PDF version of the schedule on this website.

Fergus Elora Community Bus Service

(click image to download the PDF)

Bus Schedules Elora-Fergus-Guelph – and Back

The also has bus routes to Guelph! Please check out their website for schedules and maps.

– Public transportation in Fergus and Elora!

Alan Argue Tribute and Benefit

Toast of the Towns Returns to Fergus Grand Theatre

Benefit in support of Alan Argue and Family

Toast of the Towns is returning to the Fergus Grand Theatre.  This time it is in support of concert founder Alan Argue and Family; the event is being put on by family and friends of Argue, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Proceeds from the event will help offset the costs of treatment, travel and other expenses the family have had to incur over recent months.

The event will be held on Friday, July 5th at 7pm and will feature familiar local performers including:

  • Paul Hock
  • Megan Thoms
  • Adam J Shaw
  • Andrew Robillard
  • Bill Beattie
  • Donna Pritchard
  • Deb Deckert
  • …and many more…

Toast of the Towns 2013 - Alan Argue

Audience members will also have the opportunity to participate in a silent auction where pieces of Argues art work will be featured as well as donations from area merchants.

Argue lived in Centre Wellington for more than 30 years before recently moving to Alberta to live with his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. He was and continues to be a strong supporter of local arts and culture. With a talent for both music and painting, he was a regular participant in local art exhibitions and performances. He was also the coordinator for the Fergus Grand Theatre for several years and the director of popular performances such as Snow, Bah-Humbug and many others.

He served as both a member of the Fergus Lions Club and more recently the Ariss Lions Club. Community has always been an important part of Argue’s life and those hosting the Toast of the Towns event want to bring the community together in his honour.

To purchase tickets to Toast of the Towns, contact the Fergus Grand Theatre at or call 519-787-1981. Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for students and seniors.

Those who cannot make the event, but wish to make a personal donation to the cause can do so at the Fergus TD Bank under the account Alan Argue – Trust 0077-6394972.

If you wish to make inquiries or help with other areas of Alan’s care or have questions please contact Larry Wainwright at 519-843 4516 or email