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A Grand Experience

Fergus and its surroundings are greatly influenced by the Grand River, a Canadian Heritage River. It determined the industries the early settlers started, back in the days that Fergus was still called "Little Falls". It crafted the beautiful natural surroundings like the Elora Gorge and Quarry, Lake Belwood.

Centre Wellington (Fergus, Elora, Belwood) is a great place to live and work in, or just visit. Prepare yourself for a Grand Experience!

Image of the Elora Quarry Conservation Area, near the Gorge

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Things To Do In Grand River Country

There is plenty to see or do in Grand River Country, which is also part of Festival Country:

Attractions and Events:

In Fergus, Ontario

Around Fergus

More tourism related organizations and businesses in Centre Wellington (Fergus, Elora, Belwood, Salem) can be found in our business directory ("tourism" section).

Planning a multi-day stay in Fergus or Elora is easy. There is a wide assortment of inns, bed and breakfasts and campings. Pages and pages of things to do and places to go.

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